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2010               Dreidel Exhibition, Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv
2009-2010      Judaica Twist – Innovation in Judaica Design, Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv
2009-2010     "Reinventing Ritual" – Contemporary Art and Design, Jewish Museum, NY
2002-2003     "Mezuza" Spertus Museum, Chicago

1999-2005     "Continuity and Change" 92 Years of Judaica at Bezalel, Tel Aviv Museum,
                        Jewish Museum Vienna, Hamburg, Korea, China Spain, NY
1997-1998     "Die Mitte Der Tafel" – The Center of the Table, Deutsches Klingen Museum,
                        Solingen, Hanau and Hamburg

1997-1998      "Lechaim" – A Kiddush Cup exhibition, The Jewish Museum, San Francisco
1996               "N.G.H.P." Museum of Italian Jewish Art, Jerusalem

1996                 Ethrog Boxes, Museum of Italian Jewish Art, Jerusalem

1995                 Hannukah Lamps, Museum of Italian Jewish Art, Jerusalem

1994                "Beyond Jewellery" exhibition "Design as Comment", Bezalel, The Historical Building, Jerusalem

1994                 Art and Judaica Exhibition, Japan, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, National Museum of Modern Art,   
1991                 Bussiness Design Center, London, "The New Designers Exhibition"

1991                "Passing Out", Goldsmiths' Hall, London

1991                 Royal College of Art, London, Degree Show

1990                 Barbican Center, Lndon, "Contemporary Crafts from Israel"

1990                 Tel Aviv Museum, The Sharet Scholarships Winners Exhibition

1990                 The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Toronto, Selected Students Work of Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
1989                 Museum of Applied Art, Koln, "Personal Expression"

1989                 The Jerusalem Theater Jerusalem, Rothschild Prize Enamel Exhibition

1989                 King Solomon Temple, Jerusalem, Judaica Exhibition

1989                "Images of the 80's", Basel.